Free Walks This Weekend – That’s London Baby’s recommendations!

If you are still wondering what to do this weekend, or if you finally wanted to go on a guided walk and you have put it off for whatever reason, this weekend offers a great opportunity to get walking!

Walk London is having their annual winter weekend of free walks (there are further weekends in Spring and Fall). That’s more than 40 guided walks through all areas of London, all funded and paid for by TfL. Many of those are normally paid walks. They come in all sizes and interests – short walks, touristy walks, special topics (e.g. literary or spy walks), central location, outside, long walks….there is even one section of the Capital Ring covered!

They even created a map, showing the starting points of all walks:

All information on the walks, together with a way to search and filter the list, can be found via the Walk London website – click here. Basically, just turn up at the designated time and space (if in doubt how to get there, use the TfL Travel Planner) and enjoy the walk.

Just have a browse through all the walks – here are my recommendations for different kind of walkers and topics. Please note I have not taken all of those exact walks, but in some cases similar ones which I very much enjoyed. Also, no stress, I made sure that all of these are on the Sunday, 24th, so no missed walks on the Saturday.

Famous Areas- in a new light

Two walks showcase famous areas that are visited by tourists or are part of Londoner’s daily routine- and yet, the walks will open up a new layer that you never knew was there. The first one is the “Real West End”, exploring Soho, Chinatown and Covent garden. The other one is from 2000 years of City History – From the Romans to Norman Foster, taking in the history of the city – from Roman Remains to the Futuristic Architecture of the new skyscrapers of the last years.


Walking along the Canal’s and Rivers

Many of the walks are along the water, but it doesn’t always have to be the Thames. The first walk goes along Regent’s Canal from Little Venice to Camden, showing the first part of the canal as a green lung and picturesque river in the central area;  the second walk takes in the River Lea (another important old transport waterway) From Tottenham Hale to Three Mills, along the edge of East London, with lovely Marches, and ending a the famous Film Studios in Three Mills.

For experienced walkers or if you want to get away from it all

A stroll along the River Lea and Thames – for the experienced  walkers that have “seen it all” and want to venture out. 7 miles, 3-4 hours, starting point Bromley by Bow station and from there on to the Rivers!

Cockfosters to Turkey Street Station – is this still London?? You will surely go to places you never went before when walking from the End of the Northern Line! When you arrive at Cockfoster, make sure you admire the lovely Art Deco Tube statin (if you have time, also check out the stations of Oakwood, Southgate and Arnos Grove) ! If you ask the staff nicely, they’ll usually let you sneak in and out for free!

The Capital Ring- Highgate to Stoke Newington – one of my personal favorites on the  Capital Ring – so much that I even describe the first part of this in my first That’s London Baby Post 🙂  You’ll have a great introduction not only to this section, but get a feeling what the Ring is all about! It feels like out of town and yet you never far away. And Stoke Newington offers great opportunities for after-walk activities.

Happy Walking, feel free to share your experience!!

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