May challenge – Finish Line and a Big Thank you!

May challenge finalMay is (almost) over and so the May challenge has come to an end.  Did I make the goal of getting a click of each country in the world? No! Am I amazed by the power of the Internet? Yes! Thank you for sharing the message and for visiting That’s London Baby from more than 60 countries (62 and counting)I hope you enjoyed the visit and come back 🙂 Please get if you enjoy the site, have any feedback, tips or anything else! London Baby will be on vacation for the next week, so no new posts, but the Twitter and Facebook pages might have the one or other update.

And don’t forget….free walks in London this weekend! Check out all info’s here! 

Free Walks this Weekend! Your guide to the Walk London Spring into Summer Weekend

If you are still wondering what to do this weekend, or if you finally wanted to go on a guided walk and you have put it off for whatever reason, this weekend offers a great opportunity to get walking!

Walk London is having their annual spring weekend of free walks (there are further weekends in January and September). That’s more than 40 guided walks through all areas of London, all funded and paid for by TfL. Many of those are normally paid walks. They come in all sizes and interests – short walks, touristy walks, special topics (e.g. literary or spy walks), central location, outside, long walks….there is even one section of the Capital Ring covered!

They even created a map, showing the starting points of all walks:

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Ze Wurst in Town …

Steins Wurstplatte

Welcome back to That’s London Baby! Sorry for not posting so long! London baby has been very busy exploring the Capital Ring in the weekends and was suffering from a bit of writer’s block as well- after all, while there are countless sections of the Capital Ring to write up, I wanted to offer a bit more variety…so that’s why today, instead of writing about the best that London has to offer, I want to write about the Wurst…(it’s old, ok. German humour, please keep on reading anyway :))

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Small changes and May Challenge Update

Its been a busy weekend for London Baby! Taking advantage of the great weather last weekend, London Baby has been out and about exploring two new sections of the Capital Ring and the lovely neighbourhoods of East Finchley and Muswell Hill. I have also been thinking on where to go with the blog and what type of content to write on in the future. While I enjoy writing about the Capital Ring, I don’t want to bore you with 15 massive posts and then retire 🙂 Taking into account the very helpful feedback I had from you lovely readers, and with the help of the lovely lady behind marketing blog Squirrels and Bears, I made some small changes to the blog, adding categories, pages and playing with the layout. All of this is work in progress but I hope you’ll enjoy the changes and the new content to come (hopefully soon!).

The May Challenge of getting a click around the world has also gotten a great boost from the session, and the tally is now an incredible 53 countries – showing the list is now too long but the map is really getting some colour! This is very exiting for me and I appreciate all those visitors so much. Thank you for sharing the page with your friends! May challenge 19th May

Walking the Capital Ring- from Hendon Park to Highgate (Section 11)

Good morning! Sun is shining, London is waiting! If you don’t have any plans today, why not go on a walk?

The capital ring is great to see parts of the city you’ve never been before. I had rumbled on sections of the Capital Ring in North / East London before (e.g. along the Parkland walk, see here or along the river Lea, see here) but after I made the decision to tackle the complete Ring, this was the first “proper” section I walked in its entirety. The section is 8.5km long and you can find the official map and small description of the route by TfL here.


I think, this section gives a good flavour on what to expect along the ring in general

– quiet residential areas in Zone 2/3 (wow, those type of “normal family homes” seem to exist in London!)

– unexpected patches of greenery and nature (was i not walking along 5 train tracks a second ago?!)

– sometimes quite boring sections just walking along / next to busy roads (yes, we are still in London)

– unexpected gems and discoveries along the way (yay, found another “official walking path” to tackle on day and hats off to TfL another amazing architectural gem along the way!)

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That’s London Baby Around the World – challenge week 1 update

The first week of the challenge is over and I want to say thanks for all the new visitors. I hope that while helping me to fulfill this silly little dream, you enjoyed visiting the site (and tell international friends to visit as well :))

There have been visitors from 19 different countries now all together, and the map looks now much more impressive because of a first visitor from Russia 🙂

may country challenge - May 9th

Thanks again and keep spreading the word – below a list of the 19 countries :). Oh, and there will be a new blog post up this weekend to make the visit worthwhile!

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May challenge….That’s London Baby Around The World!

New month, new challenge! This is London Baby writing from Scotland!

That’s London Baby is now a bit over a month old and I am still very exciting about it! I would like to post a bit more often, but I realised that writing takes more time than thought, but I still want to put on good quality 🙂

As most newbies probably, I am keeping a keen eye on the statistics of the site. My favourite is the map of the world – below a snapshot of my world map since the start of the blog:

TLB Country Stats 1 May 2015

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