welcome to That’s London Baby!

This is the little catchphrase I preach to all my friends and visitors when I (attempt to) show them the wonders and surprises that make up London! The eerie back alleys in Spittalfields, with a view of the fancy city office blocks? That’s London Baby! Paying interstellar amounts to live in or even own a cupboard? That’s London Baby! Walking on Hampstead Heath or in one of the forrests or parks, being in Zone 2 and feeling in the nature? That’s London Baby!

Even after 4 years here, I just cannot get enough of this wonderful city. And rather than torturing only my very patient friends or visitors, I hope I can spread some of my excitement and joy of the things I discover here. I owe very much of my knowledge of this city and the most quirky places to a number of excellent guides, websites and books and while I know there are so many out there, I hope this site helps you to discover aspects of London that you might not have known about.

When not out and about in London, I spend my days in a normal job, or doing TaekwonDo or meeting my friends, or or or….So I hope I will have enough time to keep this blog just current enough to make it interesting to visit.

Looking forward to feedback, any stories or tips you like to share!

Thanks and Enjoy! ~ Marie-Eve

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