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In October 2015, I started with #365DaysofLondonBaby. My goal with this blog is to share “my London (adventures)” with you readers. One of the feedback I received was “the posts are very interesting, but they are sooooo long, so I often don’t read them or just scroll through them”…

Hence, I came up with a challenge for myself – writing a small post every day. This can be just a picture, or a small recommendation, or a commentary of what’s going on. I am not sure where it will lead to. And if I can make it all 365 days. And whether you’ll like it. But I  want to give it a go. This will not mean the “regular” posts will be a thing of the past- I still aim to post them in about the same frequency as today, to tell more in-depth stories and (hopefully) working together with great guest bloggers.

Please click here for all entries of #365DaysofLondonBaby. All entries can also be found under the respective categories on the blog.

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