Start Exploring – Ways to discover London by Foot

Granary Square

If its good weather, there is nothing better than to go out and explore London! One of the best ways is to go by foot. You might not be able to cover as much distance as if going by Public Transport or bike, but its definitely quality over quantity here.

Here are a few ways to get going.

1) Just go somewhere!

This might be stating the obvious but its great fun just to pick an area that you have never been before, take public transport or cycle there and just have a look around! London is always changing so even areas you know can look and feel different after a few months!

Just turn up, walk around, visit shops, visit café’s, museums etc. The app “Foursquare” has been a good companion on these occasions as it usually gives good reviews from locals and points you to places you might like based on your preferences.

To “just go” somewhere, there are so many places to name. But some true favourites of mine where I tend to take people when they visit me are

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How it all started…

In my first real blog post, I want to go back in the past to give you  a bit more background on how I came to discover London and how all the tips and tiny pieces of wisdom I hope to share on this blog in the future came into existence.

Contrary to what I aim to do with this blog, this post will not contain many specific tips on any London Areas, so you might want to skip directly to the next post that contains actual tips on how you can get started on exploring London by foot

As a disclaimer- I am not a trained tour guide and I have followed no classes, courses or any of the like. I am not even a historian (I still mess up all the English Kings when on walks). I am just a hobby explorer.

My walking story

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A new (London) adventure….

Hello and thanks for having a look at my blog!

I have been thinking of blogging about my London discoveries for a long time now, and I am very excited and a bit scared as well- after all, there are so many good sites out there, so what can I add? Especially when doing this only in my spare free time without any previous experience in blogging before?

The intention of this blog is basically to take you on my London discoveries, be it by Foot, Bike, Bus, etc. It’s an extension of what I tend to do with my friends or visitors “offline”, many of which have been more or less voluntarily dragged around the most obscure places of London with me constantly talking about how interesting or exciting this or that place is….(by the way, thanks to all of you for bearing with me).

Its sharing my love and enthusiasm for this great city and hoping a bit of that is transported to you.

In my head there is all the plans of posts to come, in 4 years here I have been blessed to be able to see a few things, to go on countless walks and treasure hunts etc. etc.

I hope it will all work out. Until then, thanks for reading, enjoy and let me know how you like it….