#365DaysofLondonBaby – Day 17- The Doodle Man Exhibition

This year’s art season is in full swing, with many great exhibitions around town. If you are in the mood for something different, you have until Wednesday 24th of February to head down to Old Street for a fine, little and fun exhibition.


During a recent stroll through Shoreditch, I saw a street artist in Great Eastern Street taking on the Herculean task of covering (at least) one massive wall in tiny doodles. He was so focussed on the task at hand, that I didn’t dare to interrupt him.

Today, I saw him back quite unexpectedly – in his very own art Exhibition at the Hoxton Gallery in Old Street.


Here, The Doodle Man, as he is known, presents his very own version of the last supper. 

A large part of the Gallery’s floor and walls are covered with Doodles being fed Fast Food, also at the Doodley Table in the middle. Towards the gallery back room, one doodle resists and offers Fruit, drawing the visitor through a dark corridor, fruit and fast food fighting before meeting the Evil Twin of Doodle Man to the final showdown in the Gallerys Back room, covered in negative-style Doodles and hence transformed in the “Evil Twin room”.


Luckily, The Doodle Man is around to explain this pattern in the countless doodles that took more then 7 days to create for the exhibition. He is every bit as curly-wurly and friendly as his doodles! You can also see him working on canvases and see how all of these small doodles make larger pieces.

If you are interested, head down to 59 Old Street until Wednesday 24th February . There might be an extension, but that is not yet sure. The Doodle Man will be around from 9am to 9pm. Otherwise, enjoy the pictures below or visit Doodle Man’s world on his website . You can also see Doodle Man’s own video of the exhibition here.



The Doodle Man’s Evil Twin


PS: if you are interested on the outcome of the Shoreditch Valentine Mural? See here!

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