#365DaysofLondonBaby- Day 2- Chatsworth Road Market

Good morning to a Sunny Sunday! Sunday is market day in many areas of London. If you feel like venturing to the East, make yourself a wonderfully lazy Sunday morning / afternoon at Chatsworth Road Market . 

Chatsworth Road marketChatsworth Road market
Chatsworth Road is one of those typical East London Streets that is now changing, with Restaurants, Coffe and Bike Shops next to the traditional traders. The market reflects this as well, featuring street food, artisan goods and regular market goods (mostly non-food, except for the wonderful Fish Monger, see picture). If you need a break you can enjoy a Brunch in one of the many places (I’ve been to Pivaz and the Avocado Mash Toast was very tasty) or pop into the E17 (very fancy) supermarket and restaurant. Let’s hope Chatsworth Road will keep its balance and not weed out all the old in its bid to become Hipster!

All info on the road, shops, traders, events can be found here.

Chatsworth Road Market E17Chatsworth Road Fish Monger

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