#365DaysofLondonBaby- Day 1 – The Geffrye Museum


Good morning and Welcome to this very first post of #365DaysofLondonBaby!

As a start, I wanted to introduce to you the Geffrye Museum. In my almost 5 years in London, I cycled past it many times, always planning to go, but never did. At the beginning of this month, I finally did and I was not disappointed. While its a place to go all year round, I wanted to start with this tip- as the Museum Garden closes at October 31st for its Winter Hiatus, so go before and have a  look to see this jewel!


Quick and sweet (as is the plan for #365DaysofLondonBaby 🙂 – what is the Geffrye Museum? I

wpid-wp-1445672104290.jpgIt’s a “Museum of London Living” through time. Situated in an old Almshouse (with beautiful gardens) and a stunning new architecture wing for the 20th century exhibition , it features 11 “period rooms” – living rooms from 1630-1998 with original furniture, accessories etc. Each room is preceded by an explanation how a London house and room would look like in these times to provide some background and understanding.

wpid-wp-1445672059080.jpgThe Garden is likewise styled in different styles of English gardens and is a tranquil Oasis that you would certainly not suspect to find in this bustling part of Kingsland Road.

The Museum is situated in 136 Kingsland Road, EC2 8EA and all information on visiting can be found here.

wpid-wp-1445672145625.jpg wpid-wp-1445672126422.jpg


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