#365DaysofLondonBaby- Day 2- Chatsworth Road Market

Good morning to a Sunny Sunday! Sunday is market day in many areas of London. If you feel like venturing to the East, make yourself a wonderfully lazy Sunday morning / afternoon at Chatsworth Road Market . 

Chatsworth Road marketChatsworth Road market
Chatsworth Road is one of those typical East London Streets that is now changing, with Restaurants, Coffe and Bike Shops next to the traditional traders. The market reflects this as well, featuring street food, artisan goods and regular market goods (mostly non-food, except for the wonderful Fish Monger, see picture). If you need a break you can enjoy a Brunch in one of the many places (I’ve been to Pivaz and the Avocado Mash Toast was very tasty) or pop into the E17 (very fancy) supermarket and restaurant. Let’s hope Chatsworth Road will keep its balance and not weed out all the old in its bid to become Hipster!

All info on the road, shops, traders, events can be found here.

Chatsworth Road Market E17Chatsworth Road Fish Monger


Your Halloween Guide to Theatre Land

London’s West End is one of the most famous Tourist Destinations in London. An unrivalled number of Plays and Musicals attract countless visitors and Londoners alike, and the area is always buzzing. But there is more than meets the eye….as the days get shorter and the nights get longer, the Ghosts of Theatre Land awake…

As London Baby is unfortunately not specialised in Ghosts and Theatreland as such, we have teamed up with the ticketing website www.fromtheboxoffice.com . To be honest, I have not personally used them yet to buy tickets (I have been so busy running around discovering new places that there was no time for theatre :)) but I love their blog – rather than being a bland sales channel, one can really tell that they have a passion for theatre land- bringing not only the latest news on shows, but also tell background and historical facts about plays, theatre land and much more.

So enjoy their guest post, where they take you into haunted theatre land and give you a rundown of the best shows going on at the moment! If you feel like heading to one of the shows, you can always check their website for tickets. I do want to clarify that I have not received any benefits, commission or anything for posting this, but I am happy that in this way, I can bring some different than usual tips and stories for you!

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Swimming like a King – the King’s Cross Pond Report!

Dear all,

August Bank Holiday almost marks the end of the London Summer Season, so its time to get back from London Baby’s Summer Break! Thanks to Ramallah Baby for a few lovely guest posts (see here and here) – she is a London Baby in disguise!!!

London Baby used the break to go on vacation, but also many “staycations” in London during the weekend – can’t wait to share many new discoveries here. For starters, the Capital Ring has now been conquered- stay tuned for some posts on this.

Anyway, back to this post – its literally fresh off the press. Yesterday, I finally went to the King’s Cross Pond – the much talked about Pop-up swimming pond (not pool!) in the construction area of King’s Cross. According to the people behind it, its much more than a humble pond- no! In the self-marketing of the place, Icon Magazine sums it up as:

“Part art installation, part leisure project, the pool of naturally filtered water allows swimmers an unusual perspective on a rapidly changing part of London”

and-” ‘Of Soil and Water’: the King’s Cross Pond Club, the piece encourages visitors to enter the water and participate in the installation as a piece of experiential art.”

Big words! But lets see…

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Enjoying London in good weather – or what I would be doing in London if I was there right now…

Ramallah Baby greets the London Baby Blog readers! 

It is an honour to be invited to blog about London, and having checked the great weather in London at the moment I really hope that you plan to make the most of it. It is very hot in Ramallah right now, and while I cool down in the Dead Sea and in the poolside bars here in Ramallah, Palestine, I am reminiscing about the great things to do in London when the weather is nice. Here is the beginning of my list…

1. Hampstead Heath Bathing Ponds

Pack your towels and sunscreen… as my number one thing to do on a hot day is to go to the bathing ponds in Hampstead Heath.

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It’s Easter Weekend- Good Weather Edition!

It’s Easter weekend! If the weather is good, the best way to digest all eggs and other delicacies from Easter Breakfast and Brunch and, and, and…. is to go out and get moving! (if the weather is bad, click here).

If you are looking for a nice place for your Easter Walk, search no longer but head North to Finsbury Park and go on the Parkland Walk! 

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