#365DaysofLondonBaby- Day 28- A Georgian Seductive Valentine’s at the National Maritime Museum Greenwich

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and love is in the air! If you don’t have any plans yet, why not do something different this year- go to a museum! A Museum??? Yes! For a night of Love, Romance and Friendship,  The National Maritime Museum Greenwhich has timed up with the two wonderfully witty Ladies of the Georgian Dining Academy for a special event.

Miss B and Miss Kitty Pridden are known for their jolly and delicious Georgian Dining nights (see our post here)  but this time, they  prepared an evening of conversation and entertainment by artists, authors and much more. And of course in costume (you can even get a discount when hiring one!).

But, I’ll let the ladies explain themselves….

Emma Hamilton: Seduction & Celebrity


14th February 2017

We are honoured and delighted to be invited to create a ‘pass port’ back in time to the Court of Naples. This is where Emma Hamilton became Lady Hamilton, met her lover to be, Lord Nelson and became a secret envoy at a time of great upheaval for Italy and the English. Emma emerged as an astute and valuable networker, leading where her husband feared to go. Not many people know that, yer know? Hence our focus on this all but brief time of happiness and great adventure for this extraordinary young woman.

As it is Valentine’s Eve we propose a night of love, romance and friendship, a time for everyone to share in  fun and laughter, and we at Georgian Dining Academy, will make it so!

Our usual reach is through the bellies of our guests with feasting, supping aplenty and much convivial conversation, but for this special evening we have united a group of artistes to entertain and beguile in a style Emma would certainly endorse!

On arrival, a tot of Pusser’s Rum to warm your heart, then on to crafting a mask to create some mystery and perhaps to beguile a stranger.

Then on to watch the delicate hand of our beautiful card magician, Laura London, let her mesmerize you with her deft and sleight of hand. Do not hope to win at this table! Then a lesson in how to show a pretty ankle while learning a dance step or two at the celebrated Mrs Bennet’s Ballroom.

A rest may be necessary thereafter so you may wish to move to the ‘Drawing Room’ to be seated and hear the renowned author, Catherine Curzon talk about Georgian Courtesans and later Stephen Benton, an expert on ‘Paradise Merton’.

If you wish to declare your love for your partner, you may wish to join Quintin Colville, curator of the exhibition, in the Voyagers Gallery to listen to the love letters between Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson and Lady Hamilton, guests are also welcome to bring and read their own ….

Whilst you are promenading through the Court of Naples you will also come upon the Roving Artist, an expert in silhouettes, who will clip and snip your visage with his swift scissors.

Then on to a potential tie-up with ‘love’ knots by our Deeds of Arms, of naval expertise bar none and stories of derring do!

Before, during or after this lavish menu of entertainments make sure to find time to visit the exquisitely curated exhibition, Emma Hamilton: Seduction and Celebrity, to travel with Emma from poverty, to misplaced love, security, true love, to paradise and back and then sadly loss, and finally demise, a tale of Seduction and Celebrity on an unprecedented scale.


14th February 2017 at 18.30-22.00 / £15, £12 Members

BOOKING: http://www.rmg.co.uk/see-do/exhibitions-events/seduction-late


Sammy Ofer Wing (Entrance via King William’s Walk)

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich SE10 9NF

COSTUME – to wear a costume is encouraged and we have agreed with Angels of Shaftesbury Avenue for a special discount of 10% on costume hire on presentation of proof of booking for the 14th February event.

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