#365DaysofLondonBaby – Day 23 – Greenwich & Docklands International Festival (GDIF)

Good morning! I’ve been wanting to write a post again for a long time but somehow never managed, as I was out and about, exploring, travelling etc. Now I realised I am massively late for an event that I’ve been wanting to showcase for a long time (but posting in the middle of the winter did not make sense) – The Greenwich and Docklands International Festival.


It’s my absolute favourite festival of the year. Its a festival in Greenwich and the Docklands, set over 2 weeks, featuring street (park!) performances of theatre, acrobats, dancers, pantomime, art installations etc. with the best performers of all of Europe.

While there are a few performances during the week (mainly in Canary Wharf), the heart of the festival is this weekend (24-26th June) in Greenwich Maritime Part, with heaps of smaller performances going on for two days. All with the stunning Greenwich (Cutty Sark, Naval College etc.) as a backdrop, and all for FREE. Its called the Greenwich fair.

Next weekend, there will be focus on Dance in dancing city, with a few performances , before the large final on Saturday, 2nd July, in Woolwich arsenal. This finale has traditionally been a multi hour parade performance, with acrobatics, pyrotechnics, laser etc. all finishing usually down the river.

Below a few images of past years. All I can say is – drop your plans today, get over to Greenwich, hope that the weather holds and have a great day. Otherwise, go next week to the grand finale or put it in your agenda for next year (hope not too much of the funding comes from the EU, so they’ll be able to put it on again…..).

You can check out all information and the schedule in this interactive brochure -> click here.



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