#365DaysofLondonBaby Day 19- Get your Goat Race Tickets

Wow, time is flying, London Baby is getting almost a year old, and one of the first posts was on the “Boat Race vs. Goat Race”, two annual institutions in London (one very old and one new institution :))

Now, tickets for the Goat race 2016 have been released and they are going fast! The event takes place on Sunday, 27th March (at the same time as the Oxford vs. Cambridge Boat Race on the Thames). But, let me refresh you on the Goat race….(picture credit http://www.demotix.com)


The Goat race

The Goat Race was a cheeky answer to all the frenzy around the real Boat Race and is now in its 8th year at Spitalfields City farm, who partner with TimeOut to make this their biggest annual fund raising event and to provide a nice afternoon out for the (local) families. Its a mini-festival with all sorts of goat-themed music/comedy/games/ before the big race.

Two Goats, “Oxford” and “Cambridge” , are running around a set course around the farm. There have been years with a third mystery contender “And” – who has even won the race before, but its never sure if he or she will make an entry. Last year’s champion “Oxford” will certainly be there (but will it be the same goat?)


Location and tickets 

Spitalfields City Farm, London on Sunday 27 March 2016
Ticket Price: £0.00 – £13.00 (booking fee applies)

Buy tickets here or via Telephone at 020 7247 8762

Doors will open and festival will start at 12 noon. The race will be sometime between 1-5pm depending on the mood of the Goats.


What else to do before / after the race?

Spitalfields City Farm is only a stone’s throw away from Brick lane, who will be in full swing with all its markets and pop up events on a Saturday. The side streets from and to the Farm also have some of the best street art in London so its worth to have a look around. The refurbished Spitalfields market and Shoreditch are also in walking distance. In short, London’s East End is at your feet and waiting to be discovered!

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