#365DaysofLondonBaby – Day 10 – Making Plans for Bonfire Night

Good Monday Morning! If you start the working week dreaming about the weekend, its a good moment to make plans for the upcoming Bonfire Night on Saturday (7th November). The good news is that there are dozens of Bonfire Celebrations all over London, the bad news is that most of them have now (paid or unpaid) ticketing so planning is essential.

Image taken from TTIschool.com

Among the many, I would like to highlight two of the largest events – Blackheath Fireworks (organised by Lewisham Council) and Alexandra Palace Fireworks Display.

Blackheath is one of the few major free fireworks. There is a fun fair from Noon and food starting from Noon 5pm with the Fireworks taking place at 8pm. All information can be found here.

Alexandra Fireworks Festival is a large scale event, also offering a German Beer Festival and the Ice Skating Rink. The Fireworks (starting at 8pm)  are said to be some of the best in London because of the great view. All of the events are ticketed separately though, with the fireworks alone setting you back £9 for adults and £6.50 for children. All info on the Festival and tickets can be found here.

For all other fireworks, Londonist has compiled this very helpful overview here.

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