Your Halloween Guide to Theatre Land

London’s West End is one of the most famous Tourist Destinations in London. An unrivalled number of Plays and Musicals attract countless visitors and Londoners alike, and the area is always buzzing. But there is more than meets the eye….as the days get shorter and the nights get longer, the Ghosts of Theatre Land awake…

As London Baby is unfortunately not specialised in Ghosts and Theatreland as such, we have teamed up with the ticketing website . To be honest, I have not personally used them yet to buy tickets (I have been so busy running around discovering new places that there was no time for theatre :)) but I love their blog – rather than being a bland sales channel, one can really tell that they have a passion for theatre land- bringing not only the latest news on shows, but also tell background and historical facts about plays, theatre land and much more.

So enjoy their guest post, where they take you into haunted theatre land and give you a rundown of the best shows going on at the moment! If you feel like heading to one of the shows, you can always check their website for tickets. I do want to clarify that I have not received any benefits, commission or anything for posting this, but I am happy that in this way, I can bring some different than usual tips and stories for you!

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Sober October, Stoptober? Not with London Baby! Exciting times ahead!

Time is flying and London Baby is now existing for a bit more than 6 months! It’s October and in the tube and on billboards, it screams “STOPtober” and “Sober October” – all for a noble cause but does not sound like fun! The good news is that London Baby is far from stopping – on the contrary, after the summer break, I have been busy with a few ideas, reaching out for feedback and trying to make connections within the bloggers’ sphere.

Therefore, I am very excited to tell you that it will be a great October (and hopefully more months) ahead here on London baby!

  • London Baby’s first invitation to a blogger’s event, organised by the lovely people from Footprints of London. As London Baby Readers, you might know about their Festival of Literary Walks this October (if you don’t, check Rob’s Guest Post with a sneak preview!) – and they invited us to the launch event – hopefully something worthy to report on 🙂
  • As you can see from the picture in the blog post header, London Baby now got their own Mini Cards! They look pretty cool and hopefully they’ll help to spread the word:)
  • There will be a guest blog post on Halloween in Theatreland
  • There are a few regular posts cooking, on the capital ring and on Art and Exhibitions this fall
  • Last but not least- I am very excited to announce a big project for me on this blog:


My goal with this blog is to share “my London (adventures)” with you readers. Writing blog posts has been a lot of fun for me and I sincerely hope that they contain useful information and will make you as excited about these things as I am. However, writing them costs a lot of time, so posting has not been as frequent as I would have loved to. At the same time, one of the most common (and helpful) feedback I have gotten is “the posts are very interesting, but they are sooooo long, so I often don’t read them or just scroll through them”… So I thought of ways to improve this situation. And I came up with a challenge for myself – writing a small post every day. This can be just a picture, or a small recommendation, or a commentary of what’s going on. I am not sure where it will lead to. And if I can make it all 365 days. And whether you’ll like it. But I  want to give it a go. This will not mean the “regular” posts will be a thing of the past- I still aim to post them in about the same frequency as today, to tell more in-depth stories and (hopefully) working together with great guest bloggers.

I aim to launch #365daysoflondonbaby towards the end of the month when i have built up a few ideas and first posts. And I also wanted to ask YOU if you like to be part of it! Do you have any great ideas, favourite places, quirky observations that you like to share? But you never considered yourself a (guest) blogger? Let me know and you might be one of the 365 days. Yes, it will make my job easier 🙂 but most of all- I hope that this could also make the blog more interactive, a true place of sharing London.

I am very much looking forwards to this new adventure, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!