#365DaysofLondonBaby- Day 1 – The Geffrye Museum


Good morning and Welcome to this very first post of #365DaysofLondonBaby!

As a start, I wanted to introduce to you the Geffrye Museum. In my almost 5 years in London, I cycled past it many times, always planning to go, but never did. At the beginning of this month, I finally did and I was not disappointed. While its a place to go all year round, I wanted to start with this tip- as the Museum Garden closes at October 31st for its Winter Hiatus, so go before and have a  look to see this jewel!


Quick and sweet (as is the plan for #365DaysofLondonBaby ūüôā – what is the Geffrye Museum? I

wpid-wp-1445672104290.jpgIt’s a “Museum of London Living” through time. Situated in an old Almshouse (with beautiful gardens) and a stunning new architecture wing for the 20th century exhibition , it features 11 “period rooms” – living rooms from 1630-1998 with original furniture, accessories etc. Each room is preceded by an explanation how a London house and room would look like in these times to provide some background and understanding.

wpid-wp-1445672059080.jpgThe Garden is likewise styled in different styles of English gardens and is a tranquil Oasis that you would certainly not suspect to find in this bustling part of Kingsland Road.

The Museum is situated in 136 Kingsland Road, EC2 8EA and all information on visiting can be found here.

wpid-wp-1445672145625.jpg wpid-wp-1445672126422.jpg



Your Halloween Guide to Theatre Land

London’s West End is one of the most famous Tourist Destinations in London. An unrivalled number of Plays and Musicals attract countless visitors and Londoners alike, and the area is always buzzing. But there is more than meets the eye….as the days get shorter and the nights get longer, the Ghosts of Theatre Land awake…

As London Baby is unfortunately not specialised in Ghosts and Theatreland as such, we have teamed up with the ticketing website www.fromtheboxoffice.com . To be honest, I have not personally used them yet to buy tickets (I have been so busy running around discovering new places that there was no time for theatre :)) but I love their blog Рrather than being a bland sales channel, one can really tell that they have a passion for theatre land- bringing not only the latest news on shows, but also tell background and historical facts about plays, theatre land and much more.

So enjoy their guest post, where they take you into haunted theatre land and give you a rundown of the best shows going on at the moment! If you feel like heading to one of the shows, you can always check their website for tickets. I do want to clarify that I have not received any benefits, commission or anything for posting this, but I am happy that in this way, I can bring some different than usual tips and stories for you!

Theatreland’s Greatest Ghosts Continue reading

#litfest launch -A walk through Shakespeare’s London

Imagine you walk on the Southbank, just passing the Globe Theatre- you blink with your eyes and as you open, the scenery has changed. Out of the Globe Theatre sounds a massive noise – a crowd yelling and commenting on the latest play, some firecrackers exploding. Next thing you see is a bear being paraded through the field, cheered on like a modern day celebrity. Welcome to 1603!

#litfest launchThis is the walk¬†that Dr. Matthew Green took us on by presenting one chapter of his book “London- A Travel Guide Through Time”¬†during¬†the launch event of the Literary Walks Festival (#litfest) on Monday night (my first blogger’s invite, yeah :))¬†Who knew that Bear fighting was one of the most popular past times of the Londoner’s back then, only to be rivalled by a visit to one of thousands (!) “Tobacco Houses” where the “Tobacconists” indulged in consuming the “holy herb” in an almost meditative fashion…

It was a great “walk” we took and I am looking forward to “walk” through different time periods in the book. However, I hope that I will make it to at least one of more than 50 walks of the #litfest! In case you need some more inspiration, read Rob’s Sneak preview post on the festival here.

Happy walking (or reading)!

London Baby On Tour – Your last chance to visit Dismaland!

London Baby has been out and about quite a lot recently and so I invite you to read about one of my day trips – to Weston-super-Mare (near Bristol!). Dismaland has been the talk of the town in London, certainly for art lovers, hipsters, and people who usually don’t care about culture. When I was there, it seemed that every second person came visiting from London! So I thought that this definitely warrants the first “London Baby Day Trip” post on this blog – certainly if you have been doubting whether to go, you have less than a week left before it closes its doors forever on September 27th.¬†


So what is Dismaland?

“Dismaland” – a “Bemusement Park” ¬†is the brainchild of Banksy, one of the world’s most famous street artists. Continue reading

It’s Easter Weekend- Bad Weather Edition

Its Easter Weekend!

And it being London, and April, nobody knows what the weather will be like. So to cover your Easter Weekend, this is the Bad Weather Tip I can give.

And this time its very easy for me, because the “Londonist” (www.londonist.com) have done all the hard work for me and published a brilliant Museum Map with Museums for all tastes and Moods!

Please see below or for the original post click here

London Museum Decision Guide

Picture courtesy of Londonist